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Shia Muslims see his being killed at the hands of Muawiyah’s army as significant because of a well-known hadith, present in both the Shia and Sunni books of hadith, narrated by Abu Hurairah and others, in which Muhammad is recorded to have said: Views Read Edit View history. It is reported that he passed out and once he regained consciousness, he said to his family, “Fear Allah, for verily He safeguards whoever shows regard for something for His sake and He does not safeguard whoever shows a disregard for something for His sake” and upon uttering this he died. Ali’s caliphate lasted for around 4 years. Justice flourished in his time, and there was great peace in the regions under his control. Administrative Development An Islamic Perspective.

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After embracing Islam, he kept on trying to promote the Islam whole life. During Mu’awiya’s rule he put into practice the advice that Muhammad had given him, “When you rule, do it well. Do you know that Umar kept Mu’awiyah in office throughout his entire caliphate, and I have only done the maviz. In his youth, a stranger looked at Muawiyah and said; I think that this man will rule over his people.

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The ‘true’ merits of Mu’awiya bin Hind: Before Yazid I died, he had the bay’ah made to his son Muawiya. Even the earliest pro-Shia accounts of al-Masudi are more balanced. DamascusBilad al-Sham. Views Read Edit View history.


Amfer ibn Qays al-Fihri. Robert Payne quotes Muawiyah in History of Islam as telling his son Yazid to defeat Hussein, who was surely preparing an army against him, but to deal with him gently thereafter, as Hussein was a descendent of Muhammad but to deal with Abdullah al-Zubair swiftly, as Muawiyah feared him the most.

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Philip Khuri Hitti The caliphate conquered several territories including Cyzicus which were subsequently used as naval bases. The war of Qaisariah, one of the wars against the Romans, which was fought in his maia.

His adviser Al-Dahhak ibn Qays al-Fihri took care of practical affairs. Rahman Page East West Understanding Press. Once an Arab seated at the end of the room did not hesitate to pull to himself a plate which had been placed in front of Muawiya.

The books written later in the Abbasid period in Iran are even more anti Umayyad. Be careful not to confront him except in a good way.

Muawiyah I

I look after an old woman and sisters and things have been hard on us. These negotiations made Ali’s claim to the caliphate dubious and some of his supporters broke away into a group known as the Kharijites. After the peace treaty with Hassan, in mqvia book The Great Arab Conquests Hugh Kennedy writes that “The Nestorian Christian John bar Penkaye writing in the s, has nothing but praise for the first Umayyad caliph, Muawiya, of whose reign he says ‘the peace throughout the world was such that we have never heard, either from our fathers or from our grandparents, or seen that there had ever been any like it'”.


The Living Thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad. Ottoman History Misperceptions and Truths. Umayyad invasions of Anatolia and Constantinople.

Indeed, You said in Your Amee “Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him in worshipbut He forgives everything else to whom He wills” [an-Nisa 4: After Caliph Uthman was assassinated inhis successor Ali could not arrest and punish the perpetrators. The Quraysh aeer the city of Mecca in the west of present-day Saudi Arabia and the Banu Abd-Shams were among the most influential of its citizens.

Chasing a mirage the tragic illusion of an Islamic state. This they all agreed upon and he himself would affirm this to whomever asked him. All this so that obedience and unity occur. Amr bin al-Hamiq had opposed Uthman. The killing of the two children of Ubaydullah ibn Abbas the ancestor of the Abbasids can also be found in Sunni books from the Abbasid period and Shia texts.

InMuawiyah was appointed as the governor of Syria by the second caliph Umar after his brother the previous governor Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan and the governor before him Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah died in a plague along with 25, other people. Considering them defecting from this obligation he decided that Muawiyah and his companions should be fought until they fulfilled it.

There was much anti Arab feeling in Iran after the fall of the Persian empire.