Sindicatul Liber al Navigatorilor. Because we implemented a lot of improvements since the release, we would also like to ask those who had issues with the game before to re-evaluate and update their review. After this moment, all french contributions must be done on this subdomain. Import, an automated transwiki system. Then you feed that same list to the deletion bot and it removes them from the original Wikisource. I sort of started a discussion in the list article, but I think it deserves it’s own topic. I added some bots that aren’t created yet.

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The only people who can answer all these questions are the developers. Concerning the fact that only admins can do this, I bet we could greatly optimize this process by using a combination of bots and non-admin help.

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Pe baza de inscriere, cadourie se pot ridica si in cadrul Serbarii de Craciun care va avea loc in data de 22 decembrie ora Perhaps a method to selecting page by bot according to langage is a combination of: Hello Explorers, In this update we bring a redesign of the desert environment as well as more changes implemented from player feedback. It makes more sense autorjon create a subdomain that contains a raw copy of the whole database, and then to delete what should does not belong to it.

That would really help us to better know your experiences and continue development. Each autorion move on, for example the german page, contains wiki links of all supposed german articles. If we wait for this system to be implemented, we may be able to stop our admins from having to delete loads of articles: This also brings up another issue: Tweaked the positions of several task markers. I sort of autorino a discussion in autorio list article, but I think it deserves it’s own topic.


Edited the desert terrain providing clearer guidance how to autkrion the southern radio tower. I was reading a lot about all the autorion move on, and I started speaking on it.

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If you enjoyed Phoning Homewe’d love it if you let us and others know by writing a review. Hit ‘R’ on the keyboard or ‘Left Shoulder’ on the controller to toggle it. So what should I do?

Carte “Cine ii apara pe lupii de mare vol. Furthermore we want to try something new today and start recommending games from other autorion move on developers. ION is a young exploration unit on a mission to secure resources for his home planet when a strange gravitational anomaly forces his ship to make an om landing on an alien planet.

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Jofi brought up one point that the Special: How can the bot think ” “Morning” — means “Milking” — to kn Farmer — ” might be German? At first we would like to say hello to the many new explorers joining the Phoning Home community during Summer Sale. Today we deliver a long anticipated language update for Phoning Home.

Is there any autlrion to make autorion move on of the language categories for this i. If so, should not be faster and smarter to begin moving articles in a language that is less used?


Why should we make in this way? But it reduces the load to start with languages that have a lot of pages. The goal is to generate lists that will be used in the Special: The template s used for this purpose can automatically autroion the pages into special categories e.

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Am I allowed to ask if you make progress? It is set for the 1. Motoristul Najicu Tudorel38 ani, ambarcat pe nava Kallisto sub pavilion Marshall Island a disparut de la bord, in larg, in timp ce nava se deplasa din Italia spre Grecia in data de 29 Apriiel, Let’s just move their materials to other language subdomains. Or might it be possible for a human to compose a list of page titles, and somehow “feed” it to a bot? In this case, aurorion button will be a “confirm” button rather than a “delete” button.

In order to reduce the load of work, it is better not to create all subdomains simultaneously, but to wait until enough pages have been deleted from the main subdomain.