Import from CVS tests no longer have a repo to import from. Select “Show Package Contents” in the popup menu. If you rename an existing external tool builder that is configured to run during auto-builds, you will get the following error: Deadlock on startup when using Spring OSGi. We are also migrating Eclipse version to 4.

eclipse sdk 3.7.2

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Select “Show Package Contents” in the popup menu.

Eclipse SDK (bit) Download for Windows /

In this context the only way to make the key bindings work again sdi to restart Eclipse. Downward contract compatibility is not supported. This is because a target’s runtime configuration only contains plug-ins specific to the platform it’s running on. Test failures due to expired keystore. JobManager does not wake up a scheduled job.

eclipse sdk 3.7.2

Update to ICU4J 4. When a snippet is run in the scrapbook which directly or indirectly calls System.

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Basic svk, such as Checkout, Commit, and Update, should always work, but there may be problems with more advanced commands such as Synchronizing and Browsing the repository. In this case the application classloader is used.

Several aspects of Ant and its use of global Java resources such as System. Downward plug-in compatibility is not supported. Most of the Eclipse SDK is “pure” Java code and has no direct dependence on the underlying operating system.


Eclipse Project

VMDisconnectedException being displayed in the scrapbook editor. When exporting a plug-in using the plug-in, feature or product wizards, some classes might be dropped from the resulting archive if their fully qualified name is too long.

Use a newer version of Jsch. Note that unzipping a different version of a plug-in that is already installed will have no effect. The general problem is that the existence, contents, and interpretation of metadata files in the workspaces may be specific to a particular feature or plug-in version, and differ between versions.

Eclipse Project Release Notes

Non-compliant usage of API’s: Adios to Winter Bash The builder launch configuration could not be found. The CVS plug-in is compatible with all stable 1. Are these jar files no longer part of core eclipse SDK, delta pack and language packages?

However this is not recommended, and the dropins directory should be used for this purpose instead. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Compatibility with Previous Releases 3.


One situation involves using an external communications client e. This feature is disabled by default, to enable it launch Eclipse with “-Dorg.

eclipse sdk 3.7.2

If the desired class is in the classpath used for the application classloader e. This argument may not be available for all VM versions and platforms; consult your VM documentation for more details. For example, you could launch eclipse as follows: As well, the debugger may not be able ecipse reliably interact with the target JVM past this point. These class files must be provided in a separate JAR that is contributed to the org. There is huge differences between the internals of 3. Appendix 1 contains a table wdk indicates the class library level required for each bundle.