As the same situation and feelings, although in two different cultural contexts, are told in both ST and TT, the Turkish remake is here considered to be a song translation with the most significant details in ST transferred to TT. Within these relationship models there are ideas of feelings that can be had, and behaviors that can happen within relationships such as love, unrequited love, infidelity, betrayal, forgiveness, separation, fighting, breaking up, dependence, not being able to live without the other person, reconciliation, loving a younger woman, etc. Table 1 below shows the distribution in time of the songs produced between Cultural transfer of music might have the function of making a community more susceptible to ideas, experiences, perceptions, emotions and ways of feeling of the sender culture. Michigan Studies in the Humanities, pp. In cases where only the lyrics are subject to transformation, musical factors must still be considered. Thereafter, cultural communication, involving the exchange and transformation of information and materials between cultures, is discussed.

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Foreign and local record companies in Turkey have distributed French songs in the Turkish market, directly influencing the offer of tools for understanding and acting in social life made available for the Turkish consumer.

swni These Turkish songs have displayed no demonstrable equivalence to their French original versions with which they share a melody, hence they have not accounted for any of the linguistic meanings communicated in the French ST. Aznavour might have performed the song before the official release of the record; the record label may have sold the rights to the song a few months before publishing the album itself.

FERMAN – Kim piƟman ?… – 2017 –

In the examples 1 and 2 of song references given above, information is given of the performing artist of the song, the year of production of the record, the name of the song, the name of the record company and the record catalogue number. At this time, the genre pop music as defined in section 2. How does x develop?

After many years of secular rule, ferman galiba seni unuttum and traditional influences had grown stronger and nationalist riots were becoming an increasing part of public life. In the case of foreign song remakes in Turkey, the credits for the lyrics are attributed to the person who has written the Turkish lyrics, and the credits for the composition is attributed to the original composer.


Ferman – Kaderim Sensin 2012

Empowered by, and being part of, other dominating social institutions, it also renumerates and reprimands producers and agents. Record companies are a part of the institution which governs what music will be produced and distributed in a culture. These conditions are likely to influence strategies of reproduction and changes made to pop music when transferred to a new socio-cultural context, with the purpose of being accessible to a new audience. Another aspect worth considering here is the length and different periods in the life ferman galiba seni unuttum of human beings.

Her participation in this trend extends from before and after the period of concentrated production of French song sei in Turkey in Galibaa songs in this category have been judged to be adaptations if they have a demonstrable semantic relation with the French ST with which they share a melody, and yet if the Turkish TT ferman galiba seni unuttum differ in significant details from that of the French ST.

Amount of Turkish song remakes produced years after the original French version Turkish song remakes produced within years of the French song: French pop music remakes in Turkey: Two songs from the 28 Turkish remakes produced in were classified as adaptations.

Ferman – Ah Yar | Get-Lyrics

The aim ferman galiba seni unuttum this chapter is to unjttum an overview of the phenomenon of French pop music remakes in Turkey, by considering their manifestation in time and the producers involved in the communication of them as cultural artefacts. In the ferman galiba seni unuttum to the far left one can find the performers who have performed the most amount of Turkish remakes of French songs.

However, as much as it serves as an overview of the main aim of this study, an overarching research question cannot be operationalized by itself. This will help to vizualize the different factors involved in the integration of French pop music in Turkey. In Table 4 below are listed the French performers of the original French songs that have been remade to Turkish.


The interaction between groups and the exchange and ferman galiba seni unuttum of information between cultures has previously been studied within cultural semiotics cf. Sanders, where the translated text has taken even more liberties. The French and Turkish song lyrics, as well as their English translations can be found on p.

What meanings have been communicated from the French cultural community to the Turkish cultural community through the importation, transformation and distribution of French pop music with Turkish lyrics in Turkey during the 20th century? Overview of French pop music remakes in Turkey In this chapter, the results of the quantitative part of this inquiry are presented. The voice quality of the singer has potential to evoke an embodied response in the listener, generating empathy and emotion.

Low suggests singability, sense, naturalness, rhythm and rhyme as five criteria of equal worth that should be considered when producing song fernan. Related to the models of love expressed in the analyzed songs are expressions of fermwn, dreams, nervousness, happiness, desire, anticipation, missing and longing and not being able to forget.

Ferman Eskiiylelendi:Acura Car Gallery

In this section I will focus on three components of the pop song that are directly perceivable by the listener, which can be considered as three different types of semiotic resources: By establishing the first year of recording, record company and performing artist through whom each song was communicated to the Turkish audience, the conditions under which the song remakes came to be, as well as their historical and social context will be made visible from a large-scale perspective.

The groupings of the semiotic resources of language, music and voice in pop music may further serve to ferman galiba seni unuttum associations of expressions, such as words and melodies, with referential and emotional meanings.

DeNora implies that musical meaning is consciously applied to music. Another point is made by Unuttun None of the songs could be judged to be translation proper as defined in section 3.