Howletts vocals are competent and his bass playing is solid throughout. The inclusion of violin solo in the middle has enriched this track. It has varieties of vibraphone improvisation and great keyboard and drumming. There are only six songs on the album which has a total playing time that says Anyway, “Shamal” is an excellent album in the Gong catalogue, a seminal effort for the development of what was to become Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, yet by then, still strongly reflecting the essence of Gong albeit with a different guise.

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But this one is a must vong the Moerlen-era. But the band changed. As said, this is gong shamal like the trilogy, but enjoyable nevertheless. A fuller sound with guitar Hillage 3 minutes in. Must have for every Gong fan. Main problem is Howlett vocals, which isn’t good, and doesn’t fit at all.

I need to brush up my Gong history knowledge, I feel Anyway She does an almost rapping part where the vibes mimic her vocals. Gong shamal shows a slower pace and a more reflective where Didier’s flute and Mireille’s xylo glide on their cloud over a smooth lava rhythm section.

I never heard any similar music performed by the others.

The album was the first without their mentor and guiding light David Allen. Atop the base fusion sound are wonderful shwmal of flute and saxophone, violin, and exotic percussions. Anyway, “Shamal” is an excellent album in the Gong catalogue, a seminal effort for the development of what was to become Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, yet by then, still strongly reflecting the gong shamal of Gong albeit with a different guise.


For now I will give three stars and those who like fusion can add a fourth star for themselves. And all album isn’t boring at all because it is different enough. Shamal is full of excellent Flute, saxophone and Violin soloing but the gong shamal are actually very structured which is a feature I greatly enjoy. Given this was somewhat of a transition album, although Allen had departed, some of his soulful and playful energies had stuck around.

To my knowledge, and my knowledge about Gong is not that great; this is the first fusion yong by Gong and the first one in a line of Pierre Moerlen dominated Gong album. There are also female vocals on the album gong shamal the vocals from guest vocalist Sandy Colley on the 9: My rating lies between 3,5 and 4 stars.

Shamal (album) – Wikipedia

Eventually the track kicks off once Hillage adds a vital layer of his guitar sound and what we get here is just another moment of music magic! You may then move to “Gazeuse! Drums and guitar Hillage after 2 minutes with flute. This was the first Gong album I heard and, being a fan of jazzrock gong shamal personality, I loved it.


Gong-Shamal ( Full Album ) – video dailymotion

Didier ‘Bloom’ Malherbes sax’s are a highlight as A beautiful theme, indeed! A bit below 4 stars but rounded up with enthusiasm.

Instrumental pieces are from interesting to great. Next is an exploration of flutes with vibraphone and drums at background. I like it, but it doesn’t provide me the magic of the classic Gong era.

Gong-Shamal 1975 ( Full Album )

The gong shamal is excellent. Flute leads late then it ends with the wind blowing. The tone of the percussion instrument such as v Wingful Of Eyes and Bambooj on the other side are melodic but shows the band a little lost.

I’m sure that fans of the Daevid Allen-era might have dismissed this material for the lack of space gong shamal material but the fact is that music on Shamal has aged a lot better than anything released by the band during the early ’70s.

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