Simone reconciles with Richard and asks Vincent to keep their one-night-stand a secret for him. Deniz is shocked when the manager job promised to him goes to Jenny. Vanessa goes far to help her fiance Christoph. Simone concocts a plan to lure Richard into a trap. Marie loses her self-control.

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Diana, Ingo and Thomas bring Holger burner kampfansage back in shape but only Leo boosts her motivation for the first round of the championship.

It has to be avoided that Johann and Theresa kampgansage each other too soon. Leo blames Thomas for not sticking to their deal; Lena convinces Thomas to give Leo a chance. Richard uses the party to avoid Simone; Ben offers him a place to sleep.

Vanessa’s attempt to teach Christoph a lesson backfires.

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Tim and Marie enjoy time near the lake; Tim suddenly turns inward and she wants to know why. At the end of a fun night in A40 their friendship goes to an higher level. Thomas advises Christoph kampfandage seek help. Ronny and friends try new ways to find Leo.


Holger Burner

The Steinkamps are astonished to discover Isabelle as Johann’s personal assistant. Marian hides something for Ingo. Simone can’t get Hansen on Both are arrested when Leo doesn’t keep his promise to Marie not to deal; will she miss her chance on ice?

He tries to gain Isabelle back. Vincent discovers that Jenny and Deniz plan to dump him; how to resist? One shot through the house constructed by the famous architect Robby Cantarutti telling the story of his life. Her parents holger burner kampfansage to Jenny’s idea but she has to convince Johann who comes with a demand. Isabelle and Thomas come each other very near; Johann shows up.

Richard sees Carmen with Ben; he tries kampfansagge hide his harmed manliness. Deniz gives in to reconcile with Jenny.

Richard sends Jan on the track of Vincent who confesses them his one-night-stand with Simone. Will Leo go to America? Thomas loses from Leo. Simone’s confession hurts Richard. Ben calms Carmen down. Bea can’t tell Ingo that Marian made her pregnant; she thinks about an abortion. Thomas tries to reconcile with Isabelle but Christoph’s bad behavior prevents him from doing that.


But his pain returns. Christoph accepts Johann’s invitation holger burner kampfansage Iceland. Iva is asked to do a gig but surprisingly kakpfansage rejects it. Die Rosenheim-Cops — Episode: Thomas tries to stop them. Deniz and Jenny are proud because the “Battle of the Best” became a success; Diana wins. Marie loses her self-control.

Richard and Christoph suspend Deniz who has to leave Essen.