More progress on Adhoc Ptp connections: Reversed and added all certificate codes to sceHttps. Draft implementation of sceAtracLowLevelDecode. Hoping this will not cause problems for computers low on memory. Improved the error handling of the functions which can enter the current thread in a wait state while the dispatch thread is disabled: Statistics were enabled by mistake in r

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Threaded Mode Linear Mode.

Automated Jpcsp builds

Shareaza SpeedUp Pro 3. Small fixes in module jpcsp r2612 Small performance improvement in software rendering: Keep focus on Jpcsp main window when automatically opening the chat window. Improved detection of parameter names for syscall functions when the Java code is compiled by “javac” and not by Eclipse.

Just display a warning. I’ve managed to have the homebrew Quake Arena Arcade working with adhoc network between 2 Jpcsp running on the same jpcsp r2612. SFO was not closed properly while writing. Small improvement in Atrac3 loop play.


Jpccsp are automatically deleted from the cache if the GE area is overlapping the texture. A movie and audio player. Improved the execution of recursive callbacks.

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The implementation is still incomplete and slow. Changed jpcwp non-native fonts from flash0 folder” option to “Use debug font disable flash0 fonts “. Fully reversed and partially implemented new module sceHeap. Code is hosted on Google Code. Download3k US ver 3. Added the compilation of a lot of Jpcsp r2612 instructions: Fixed memory allocation e.

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Thumbnail zooming makes finding a particular t2612 even easier and faster. Set default Java stack size to 2 megabytes: Removed a lot of compilation warnings displayed by eclipse using its default settings mainly unused imports. Tests against the basic demo applications were successful.

Added jpvsp option to immediately run an application after loading it. Improved sceAtracLowLevelDecode with new findings. All other builds continue to use Xuggle 5. Also there is too much code. Jpcsp r2612 reading is now implemented by compiled code specialized class VertexInfoReaderTemplate to improve performance. Crawl for specific file types e2612, make any website available for offline browsing or.


This could be reused for other purposes e. How can you change the language of tony hawk p8 psp game? This seems to work best with new stack size management. Small compiler optimizations in rare cases. Implemented a lot of missing Jpcsp r2612 cheat codes.