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Now, he is braving the Mark of Mastery examination to find out if he is still worthy of the Keyblade. Dark Firaga shoots a bolt of dark energy at an enemy. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He finally transforms an illusion of him into a Darkside Heartless, telling him this is what he has become. He muses about Sora’s ability to connect with others’ hearts, and how it may be able to bring back those that have been lost. Depending on the enemy, Riku will use one of three sleights: Moving his blindfold off one eye to get a good look at her, he becomes shocked by her appearance.

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After some encouragement, Riku traverses the rest of the castle alongside Sora, abandoning his cloak and blindfold.

Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2?

Riku is a teenage boy with silver hair with bangs, pale skin, bright blue-green eyes, and a muscular build. Riku partly thanks to Maleficent became thoroughly jealous of Sora after learning about his possession of the Keyblade and of his new friends.

Yen Sid provides Mickey and Riku new clothes from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather which will shield them from the dark realm’s darkness, so Riku and Mickey head off to save Aqua, with their new gear in tow.

He would live in darkness if that’s what it took to wake Sora. Riku senses Marluxia’s defeat, and Zexion quickly arrives on the scene to explain it. Bewildered, they hear Kairi’s voice calling out to them and are greeted by their friends from Disney Castle. Riku begs King Mickey not to reveal his whereabouts and condition to Sora, and the King reluctantly agrees. Riku claims that even if Master Xehanort manages to open Kingdom Hearts, they would simply defeat him and close it again.


Instead, he has access to a unique system of battle called “card dueling”, which allows Riku to stun opponents and perform special commands by breaking their cards multiple times.

where is riku is kh2??

When he turned into his “true form” in the end of Kingdom Hearts IIhis powers of light increased dramatically while his powers of darkness decreased. In Kingdom Hearts Chain of MemoriesRiku makes many self-realizations, one of which is that he had let his heart become weak, and some time after that, he would shy away from the darkness within it.

In Kingdom Hearts IIhe shows a great amount of loyalty and protectiveness for his friends. Terra chose him to inherit the power of the Keyblade.

Now, he is braving the Mark of Mastery examination to find out if he is still worthy of the Keyblade. Here he meets projections of Roxas, Ventus, and Xion, who each rilu a question before disappearing.

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Riku later comes into contact with King Mickey. At the Mysterious Tower, Yen Sid suggests that as Aqua visited many worlds during her own journey, it may be prudent for Riku and Mickey to follow her footsteps to gain clues to her current whereabouts. However, the victory is short-lived, as Master Riju is finally revived and joined by the rest of his new Organization, among them are Young Kg2, Ansem, and Xemnas. Riku tries to take his leave, but Kairi stops him.

With the help of Mickey ‘s friend card, Riku has healing capabilities that can be empowered by stocking multiple Mickey cards together to form the MM Miracle sleights.

After a fierce struggle, Riku defeats Young Xehanort. Having the time to finally talk, the two reconcile with each other. Kairi and Sora each set out for the island to make sure their raft is safe. Riku tells him that he can’t go home yet, as Ansem’s shadow still lingers in him, but Mickey says ,h2 darkness is a part of him.


Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2? | Kingdom Hearts Insider

Baited by the darkness and used by Maleficent and Ansem, Riku once fought against Sora. The three work together to construct a raft and gather supplies rjku that they can set out and search for other outside worlds. He leaves Xion to scream in anger. When Riku finds himself in the endless abyss near the Door to Darkness, he is on his knees, overwhelmed with guilt for what he has done.

,h2 Sora takes damage, Riku can cast Dark Shield to protect him. Afterwards, he and the others make their way up the castle, defeating the remaining Organization members save for Xemnas.

Riku dreamt of seeing other worlds, and so he forsook the islands—only to be seduced by the power of darkness.

Riku explains that he did not want to be ku2, thanks to his appearance, and confirms Sora’s suspicions of the clues they found – namely, the ice cream and Roxas’s photo. As a playable character, Riku has limited options in term of abilities as his default form only allows the use of his Soul Eater card. Soon, the goal Riku had been searching for is finally rkku In order to seal the door to darkness, Riku stayed with the king on the other side.