My Interpretation I think the song is quite explicit in its meaning if you stop and read it all as one. However there are 2 things that make me question the direct meaning of the song and the video: Flag danigore on February 06, Cause I believe it is a metaphor. A spotlight shines on Hietala and Vuorinen , who sit on two chairs with acoustic guitars, and start to play the song.

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In “The Rime,” the old man was destined to tell his tale to everyone he met until his dying day. Tuomas wrotes all lyrics,all the lyrics that are ever written for Nightwish are Tuomas’s. There the song discribes that he’s “saying farewell to the world”, maybe that nightwish the islander after the last time on the ocean he’s happy and all his targets in his life are reached, so he can die there. In “The Islander,” the old man is returning to the sea to die and his story is now being told by nightwish the islander.

He sets the sails one last time, of the ship which he didn’t used so long and sails out at the ocean.

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It is a curse, scarring him from moving forward and letting his soul isolated. He traveled to horizons and beyond and in islxnder end killed nightwish the islander. A spotlight shines on Hietala and Vuorinenwho sit on two chairs with acoustic guitars, and start to play the song.


When your feelings are not bright, even peaceful sky is like bightwish thousand storms. SpinefarmNuclear BlastRoadrunner Records. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat She was most often seen wearing a tiara during the song, to fit with the line “Princess in the tower.

There are a few more references to hemmingways stories, like “the old man and the nightwish the islander or nightwiwh protagonist of “islands in the stream and his situation” but it would take me so long, so i close this text with the fact, that the sea man in the offical music video looks a lot like hemmingway in his last days.

Olzon eventually showed up and turned the song into a duet towards the end.

General Comment I think it metaphorically reflects the last days of ernest Hemmingways life. It is hope for a future away with lonely, isolated soul. Two thumbs way the hell up! This song in particular exemplifies that.

In the song the narrator Tuomas of course wants to remain the people of this “one of the world’s-unseen” and the lyrics explain how the old man is standing at the beach and looking “gazes” at the horizon, maybe suddenly he wants to go back, to leave the island while he is daydreaming about the good old times when he’s seeing the bird albatross flying so free.

As the video clip hints to see it, EVEN if you have already. So please, someone could use this to tell nightwish the islander the secret message of this song, if there is one.


THE ISLANDER CHORDS (ver 6) by Nightwish @

When Nightwish has Anette Olzon as their lead singer, most of their songs were more upbeat and active than with Tarja Turunen. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. The chorus just prove it further: In this new adventure, the man has yet finding a place for his soul to settle.

Spanish Singles Chart [5]. It could also just represent the happiness, the time when the man feels nightwish the islander if he has had everything. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ok before talking shit here,pls learn something about Nightwish.

Nightwish – The Islander Lyrics | SongMeanings

I don’t think so. The other meaning is: There was an error. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the long forgotten exile crying at the end of the world, for all the memories they left behind. Flag rekkhan on June 14, Btw you can read that in Nightmail. Nightwish the islander has said that the song is one of the major moments of their concerts, as it is so different from the rest, making it all a very special, emotional moment.