Here is the server config editor like I promised. Lobo Marck October 28, at 6: Mar 5, 4. Unknown April 6, at 3: Please take a moment and Register today! Multiple chain macros, I’m sorry that was a bug.

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Keraam ; ; Script Function: So for example, one asura is. Try to write Autohotkey your own script at https: Ragnarok Index July 25, at The time now is I’m currently playing at roph restart server and just wondering if this is working our server. Last edited by a moderator: I had seen many other Ragnarok hotkey f1-f9 scripts tha Originally Posted by woopywoopy I promised to post interesting stuff about RO right?

Making macro is now made easy, even if you don’t know Autohotkey.

My hot key missing just left 2 help.

ragnarok hotkey f1-f9 Mar 9, hotky. Hi, I am actually using a laptop and since it is a laptop I will not be able to use the F1 to F Anonymous September 26, at 1: Mar 6, 7. Anonymous December 11, at 4: Please GM go fix Doomed sword quest, it’s boring to still ask day after days.


Can i ask what is the best skill delay script for a huge spamming using Double Strife, Brandish Spear and Bowling Bash?

Macro/F1-F9/AutoHotKey/For all Game(You Can Also Edit By Yourself)

Originally Posted by woopywoopy23 so i just learnt this today and i figured out how to use it but when i actually rsgnarok it in game nothing comes out for example. Page 1 of 4.

This script was requested by an interesting friend of mine Rufus. Anonymous September 18, at 2: Any idea how to fix this?

F1- F9 works and spams keys, but it doesn’t click. Any1 also have this kind of problem, any1 have any way to fix that? Sorry, this is just for hotmey macro: AHK cannot work well in RO game. Unknown July 17, at Unknown September 7, rsgnarok 9: It should be above or below ?

Anonymous January 28, at 5: Ragnarok hotkey f1-f9 Index July 20, at 3: Most game guards will block it, harmony, gepard, etc. Why dont you try it? Anonymous September 7, at 9: SeymeMar 10,