Create new account Request new password. So when you select run as. February 5, – 2: The folder is named “VSRevoGroup”, and it contains some subfolders, all of them empty. Reverted last update 1. What OS are you using and are you using admin rights?

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Reverted last ervo 1. By continuing to browse our website you agree to our privacy policy. Click on the General Tools button 4. Didn’t test a secondary launch though. It was working before I updated and it shouldn’t be my laptop as I performed a full system recovery last revo uninstaller 1.85. Revo Uninstaller Free helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer easily!

That is one thing they all have in common!!! What I mean by limited, the. New Advanced mode – Deep scan of the system.

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Thanks for keeping it up to date. May 13, revo uninstaller 1.85 3: May 12, – 3: I tried a few other programs like this and they all had the same problem. Although I am curious, as for the apps that won’t launch for you, do they all use Chris’ Launcher by chance? I use the R34 as it has categories, which I desperately need due to the large amount of apps I have, in the region of It runs the installer to modify the program instead of the uninstaller to get rid of it.


May 16, – 7: Added option for starting Revo Uninstaller in Hunter mode on Windows startup! What OS are you using and are.

May 19, – 1: Moved it into your wrapper, uninstalled an app and no issues so thanks again Hope you maintain this in readiness for when PA.

I love its Junk Revo uninstaller 1.85 Cleaner which has freed up tons of disk space!

[Released] Revo Uninstaller Portable 1.91 Development Test 1

Development Test 3 released. Any chance of an update to v1. December 28, – 5: We’ll probably add in the ability to change the app’s name in the actual Uninataller for apps like Firefox especially. Yeah, as this is my first one I knew there would be stuff I would have to work on.

Old Version of Revo Uninstaller Download –

This is going to confuse people. I somehow managed to screw revo uninstaller 1.85 a Pidgin uninstall using WinXP’s standard uninstallerso that any attempt at a clean reinstallation was thwarted. That file is entirely maintained by the user, as an override to the default settings. May 19, – 4: The ini allows you to specify what executable the launcher should launch so you can still launch Firefox even if you name it to abc.


Some small things need fixing that I know ofbut I can get to those later. I’d need admin, d’oh. All launchers are being replaced by the PA. June 25, Revo Uninstaller Freeware version 1. Sorry, but who’s Chris?