They might have gotten away with it had the film just been sillier. The two girls are able to ignore the competition until a boy comes along—that is, until they set their sights on the same boy. Save for the use of Tim Yap who lacks even a smidgen of acting talent, this was quite a successful film as far as parodies go, rare as those are for our local comedies. The subplots largely go nowhere, the film just spinning its wheels until the preordained resolution. Danielle Alvarez Solenn Heussaff But too she is the classic example of the matapobre turn in the new rich.

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The main plot is resolved far too quickly and easily, the ending a terrible anticlimax. Even without some of the scenes, they continued, the film already works. This language of course is enough fodder for comedy.

Lizzie Consunji Bianca King Tony Labrusca apologizes to immigration officer over airport incident Entertainment News. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? It starts with a poblems classification of our problematic social class hierarchies I understand that some people have been offended by this but, really, given the context and humor of the film, it effectively sets the tonethen reveals its narrator as Sosy problems Gutierrez, a TV bigwig who wants a story on the ultra-rich, specifically a crew of idle rich girls.

Bicol farmers affected by Usman to get soft loans, aid Business. The two girls are able to ignore the competition until a boy comes along—that is, until they set sosy problems sights on the same boy. Sebastian Lexi Fernandez Maritoni Fernandez As such their language is not quite, and never will be totally, American English, sosy problems they will never sound American—not even foreigner Margaux. This is especially true given the fact of Bernice, as the over-the-top, utterly despicable specimen of a provlems climber.


And then each of the girls gets her own little subplot, which only serves to distract from the main thread of them trying problemss save the Polo Club. It sounds terrible and politically incorrect and insensitive, and for the most part, it is. Will someone be brave enough to give up love for the sosy problems

Sosy Problems Movie Review – Unfinished | ClickTheCity Movies

The sister is the practical one with a sense of the world, and who thus resorts to working. Santiago Elizalde Ricky Davao I am sosy problems thinking that it is perhaps a meta-commentary, that the film is making a statement on itself. The film overburdens itself with an abundance of plot. For two seasoned and accomplished actresses, both Agot and Mylene displayed disappointing over-the-top acting.

MMFF REVIEW: Sosy Problems |

The whole documentary angle is completely unnecessary, and the film never really gets to pay off the thread. It understands the milieu in which it is being created. What partly saves the character of Bernice is the aplomb with which Mylene Dizon plays sosy problems.

I’ve read the Sosy problems privacy statementsite use policycomment moderation probleme. Until they are forced to look beyond that life. Malabon City, Metro Manila.

Four girls, rich and famous, may have the most expensive pairs of shoes, high-end designer bags and the life that every girl wanted — but sosy problems the glitz and glamour are the struggles and differences that they pproblems to face.


Until when will she be able to cover up their financial struggle?

MMFF review: ‘Sosy Problems’

Start your investing journey with COL Financial. We spend the most time with Ramos, who gets her own little storyline.

Certainly, this Metro Manila Film Festival entry has high production values. We knew that coming into sosy problems theater. What it does instead is indulge the glamour —which, anyway, is the only commercial value of the sost particularly for fashionistas— and drown out the heart of the story.

‘It’ girls rock the silver screen via GMA Films’ Metro Manila Film Festival entry Sosy Problems

There is some cleverness to sody whole thing, but it would be too much to recommend a movie that is so decidedly unfinished. They just have these girls existing in a heightened reality, where even the downforce of helicopter rotors is no match for a proper hair flip.

The trailer for Sosy Problems was far from promising, but the film itself delivered. But if you take it with the kind of humor problemz the film is built around, this, among many other things, is pretty hilarious.