This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Only the following Configurable Options can alter the way TCAdmin game or voice servers are provisioned. Map Packs – Upload maps to one location and let your clients copy them to their game servers with the click of a button. Check our scripts forum for some examples. Select “Any” unless you are running many TCAdmin master nodes and have added them to separate groups within the module. The following example reads the value of a configurable option named Ram. Last edited by Eyeniq:

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You must have a custom field named Location. Enter the Hostname to your TCAdmin server, e. Built-in IP filtering – The monitor application running on your tcadmin knows which IPs it should accept requests from, so you don’t have to worry about your monitor receiving malicious commands from unknown sources. WinSCP download Windows only: Last edited by AdduxP: The following example sends a different game id depending the location selected by the client.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Service tcadmin – If your server or game executable crashes or restarts, the game servers come back online automatically. This sample tcadmin could be used in the Package Welcome Email section to help you get started. Your clients can also access PNG tcadmin of their game servers.


Experience Premium Service at a Budget. Game server mover – Move a game server from one location to another automatically. Configurable Options override any matching Package settings. Change the package and server. This same feature also locks down Ventrilo installations as well. Installing and deleting plugins.

Have multiple servers that need to pull game files from tcadmin server? From the game automation screen you can also create a user account, Tcadmin or TeamSpeak server as well!

TCAdmin 1.0 Pricing and Licensing

Set pricing information within the Options tcadmin. The system can also be setup to keep a copy of the game files on the remote machine automatically during setup.

With TCAdmin’s powerful commandline feature you can also disallow certain commands which user may try to add to the end of the commandline. Field Name Description Package Name Enter the name of this Package, it will rcadmin visible wherever services are listed and on any order forms.

This usually means that the client needs to learn how to tcadmin and configure the games they want tcadmin tcamdin. For example this allows the game server to switch to game ids 10, 20, Cancellation Fee If there is tcadmin fee to cancel early, enter it here.


TCADMIN – The Game Hosting Control Panel

tcadmin Once done the game is running and ready to access. If you have tcadmkn created the options, you may add them to the group on this step. We have also included admin settable quick links to commonly tcadmin files. This module supports configurable options which may be used for provisioning Game or Tcwdmin servers. Do you have multiple locations and want faster transfer speeds? Slot and type monitor – We tcadmih integrated security measures into the game monitoring system which will alert you if your client changes their slot count, or changes their server from private to public.

Only the following Configurable Options can alter the way TCAdmin game or voice servers tcadmin provisioned. You can create a “Custom Field” of type “Drop Down” with these options: A t tachments tcadmin Page History. Game server switcher – Create a group of game servers and limit your client to only run one or tcadmin at the same time.

Other attributes can be configured in the file specified in the “Config File” field.