These is a top plugins for site navigation. CSS 3 animation is used to provide a stunning accordion layout. Some of the options include click or over images action, the possibility of having any kind of button to the next and previous image or none at all, autoplay and duration, border or shadow divider and much more. It is created using custom post type. A jQuery plugin for generating an accordion style collapsing carousel where the slides will expand into full view when you click on the vertical title labels. Fixed bug on the title bar index accordion.

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A lightweight jQuery plugin used unleash jquery accordion slider generating a horizontal accordion-style slider where the image auto expands to the full size and collapses the others on mouse hover. This plugin is fully supported by its author. I have to consult kaptinlin on the why about this. Vertical accordion animation collapsing and expanding. I have been battling to find good WordPress accordions that work well for graphics and text elements.

Evo Slider Pro History. I like this accordian, it is responive: Some of its key features includes: Day is a passionate SEO and web design enthusiast who loves photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding. Autoplay — Slider can be set to rotate automatically at a preset time. Further, There is AJAX preview button that lets you test drive your slider instantly from within the editor! Share This Share this post with sccordion friends!


Unleash Accordion Slider

If you want to bring into operation accordion effects into your websites the below plugins and tutorials will beneficence you. Give each slider a description and more elements to transport your message. Option headerFontSize used for jQuery accordion slideshow. Option headerFontSize used for jQuery accordion slideshow Improved: Thx for sharing this with us.

Slide Door is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a horizontal image slider that allows you to expand images by clicking the image titles like an accordion. A minimalist jQuery accordion plugin for creating unleash jquery accordion slider responsive accordion style slider from a list of images that auto expand on mouse hover.

Top 18 Unique Accordion Slider jQuery Projects

Accordions Plus is powered by dynamic and extensible javascript backend written in jQuery. Accordions Plus is not just an accordion plugin, but rather a slider framework that can morph into anything you wish to implement. These is a top plugins for site navigation. Let Me See It.


The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint. It looks like you’re new here. CSS3 transition for collapsing and expanding accordion. The majority of these unleaash are free so you can grab some cool accordion scripts without spending anything. JQuery is not spacious in size so that the performance takes very less time.

jQuery Accordion Slider Plugins | jQuery Script

Slider Accordion with optional dot navigation Added: Support old jQuery library. Internet Explorer 8 bug in jQuery horizontal accordion. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Visit Evo Slider site to get more information. Acccordion Grid Accordion works with the same theory as most other accordions. A jQuery and CSS3 powered responsive, skewed accordion slider that enables the user to expand each image on mouse hover.