Technically we need to make some adjustments to play a different kind of Raga in a given Raga , like when we are playing a phrase in Raga Sahana , we actually have to play a different set of notes of Raga Kalyani. India is a glittering tapestry of diversity and within this diversity there is something that is uniquely Indian. If we take raga Kalyani , we not only play Kalyani raga but a whole set of different ragas without changing the sruti or the notes of Raga Kalyani It is possible mainly because of the intervals between the notes. These thoughts and ideas are presented through Ragams and Talams which are the greatest contribution of Indian music to world music. When the intervals between the notes change a raga also changes. Ganesh-Kumaresh presents a scintillating recital of carnatic music pieces augmented with western strings, keyboards and percussion skillfully woven around the theme of the nava rasas or the nine basic emotions.

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Musicians from South too came occasionally because Rajagopalan invited these musicians to perform in his Kanpur Sangita Sabha. Ragas and swaras seemed to just flow out of their nimble fingers in all their myriad sparkling patterns…. Violn compared the occasion to that of Brahmarishi Vasishtar conferring the title of “Brahmarishi” on Maharishi Viswamitra.

Child prodigies In Carnatic Music are rare violin ganesh kumaresh when one come across one it is a real event.

Retrieved 18 February Subtle grace and artifices come out in quick and easy waves with irresistible energy. Violin ganesh kumaresh music is laden with virtuosity and brims with soul stirring creativity, soaked in classicism. In this album they present a unique thematic offerring – Colors of India – with ivolin and deeply sensitive ideas and musical contours.


Manoranjani, as the name aptly suggests this album was conceived to bring relaxation to the mind. By the time they were into vjolin teens, they were performing with the veterans in the musical field. The music they produced was like veterans. In this album, we are presenting a unique concept called the Graha Bedam.

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The brothers have given new dimensions to the realm of music and have brought out a refreshingly original content and violin ganesh kumaresh for this form of art. This dynamic violin duo are among the leading exponents of the Carnatic violin and possibly the most recognized names in the current generation of collaborative music. The piece played in Kambhoji was “Sri Subramanyaya” the rendition was good and the swara round were well mounted to lead to a calculated applause winning finale.

Such has been the tradition for cross-culturalism here that indeed it would be difficult to realise our ‘self’ without delving into the ‘other’.

Ganesh and Kumaresh

Such artists are uncommon. Their style of music bridges the gap between the young and old and opens up fresh ideas and avenues of creativity. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. vlolin

The reason is simple because my house is here and Ganesh and Kumaresh are here. All the needed virtuosity was there. Kamboji was courageously taken up by Ganesh for the first raga venture of the evening and it was well built up blending delicacy of musical line with forceful passages that made sure of impact. It is soothing and transports fiolin listeners to a world full of freshness and joy and a new khmaresh feeling.


Aksharam will portray all four elements with a stress on numbers. Felicitation by the President Shri R Venkataraman. Music fraternity knows the great living legend Shri M. The main raga of the evening was Kalyani, handled by Ganesh with considerable ease, his sense of melodic beauty was also commendable. Since then they have entered the ranks of the great living performers of IndianMusic.

Violin ganesh kumaresh we get Raga Nata Bhairavi. For example, in our concerts we sometime fix the aadhaara Sa little lower so that I would be able to sing comfortably. The Tanam which they developed was what any seasoned artiste could be proud of.

He used the same Mridangum for Violn and Pa. Their strict adherence to violin ganesh kumaresh and their virtuosity with an innovative approach in their presentation has earned the appreciation of thousands of music lovers across the globe. He was the first person to perfect a style to perform both the branches of Indian Sastriya Sangitam.

But Ganesh and Kumaresh who offered a violin recital at Vigyan Bhavan on Sunday, showed proficiency that compels serious attention.